People who are twins are lovely. I have yet to encounter a person who dislikes twins. Imagine having identical twins who are both musicians; it’s a fantasy come true. Take a look at the Psquare twins, Nigerian superstars. All of the wealth and celebrity is concentrated in one generation. Unidentical twins and Siamese twins are two other forms of twins.

There are musicians in Ghanaian music who were born twins, and that’s what I’m going to show you today. Apart from musicians, there are a number of Ghanaian celebrities who were born twins, but the emphasis here is on musicians. The following are musicians from Ghana who were born twins:

  1. Tagoe Sisters

Lydia Dedei Tagoe Yawson Nee Tagoe and Elizabeth Korkoi Tagoe are their full names. Their timeless music has aided them greatly. They don’t release new music very much, but they’re still on stage with the new wave of Ghanaian gospel musicians.

This pair of twins began their musical careers in 1983. I’m not sure if you were alive at the time. It’s been an incredible musical journey for them.

  1. Stonebwoy

The “Putuu” singer was born as a twin, but his twin brother died in a car accident when he was young. His leg was paralyzed in the crash, and his father was wounded as well. His twin brother did not live long enough to see his brother become a celebrity.

In interviews, Stonebwoy aka 1GAD has revealed how he used to hang out with his twin brother, going out, playing, and destroying different things. You know how twins, particularly male twins, can be restless at times.

  1. DopeNation

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DopeNation is a pair of identical twins whose music is steadily gaining popularity across Africa.Michael Boafo aka B2 and Tony Boadi aka Twist make up DopeNation.

They began as music producers before choosing to pursue music as a full-time occupation. They’ve worked with artists like Ebony (may her soul rest in peace), Joey B and Shatta Wale.

  1. 2iice

They’re a pair of identical twins who compete in the dancehall genre. Joel and Jesse Sarpong were born on the same day. 2iice’s music career began when they auditioned for the music reality show Stars of the Future.

They’re signed to Mix Master Garzy’s 2MG Music label. Before she left the label, Eno Barony was signed to the same record label.

Which of these musical twins do you prefer?