An unidentified Ghanaian gay man has married his white gay partner in United Kingdom clad in colourful Kente cloth.

It seems most Ghanaians living abroad has already taken their decision to join the LGBTQ community, despite the values and cultural background of their roots going against it.

Not long ago a video of a Ghanaian man and a white man got married where you could hear the Ghanaians speaking twi at the wedding ceremony.

Well another gay Marriage pictures has surfaced online with a Ghanaian man and his UK partner.

The unidentified man is seen in lovey-dovey photos with his husband after their wedding ceremony.

They were both clad in local fabrics – whilst the Ghanaian man wore kente, the white guy is seen in a normal white cloth.

In another set of photos, they both wore suits with the black guy holding his bouquet as a wife.

What people are mostly concern about, is the Kante dress the Ghanaian wore to his gay marriage.

Many people think the Kante symbolizes our culture so in no way should he wear such a traditional element to something, our culture speak against .

Check out the photos below,