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When they say fear women and live long, you think they’re joking right? Think again.

A Ghanaian man could soon have the shock of his life after his wife confessed all three kids they have together are not his.

The woman says the kids belong to her ex, who she has been having an affair with throughout their marriage.

Apparently, her hardworking, caring and rich husband is not handsome enough to be the father of her kids so whenever they have s*x, she makes sure she takes contraceptives.

She then sleeps with her handsome ex to enable her get pregnant.

She has done this three times and brought all the kids to her husband who has no idea what is happening.

However, she says he has now won the visa lottery and expects DNA testing to be part of the process, which means she would be busted.

She wrote to Tima Kunkum looking for advice but what advice is there to give?

You destroyed a good man’s life out of nothing but a claim that because he’s not attractive your kids too won’t be attractive!

Arrant nonsense!

It’s time to face the music.

Read her sob story below…

What do you think of her ordeal?

I don’t even get people who write into shows like this.

What sort of advice can be given in this situation you’ve put yourself in?

It just doesn’t work like that.