Ghanaians slam Kuami Eugene for denying his girlfriend during an interview


Ghanaians on the internet are currently fuming at Kuami Eugene for denying his long-time girlfriend named Linda during an exclusive interview with Sika Osei.

As vented by these concerned netizens, Kuami Eugene is very ungrateful because this lady stayed with him through thick and thin but he has now dumped her after becoming rich and famous.

As supposedly lied by the singer during the interview, he’s single and not in any form of a love affair and whatnot.

Kuami Eugene explained that any lady who aggress to date him with be subjected to daily bullying and tools on social media from his haters – And he doesn’t want to put anyone’s daughter into such trauma.

In his own words;

“I am not dating… Right now, I know dating me will be very difficult. You should have tough skin to date me.”

Currently, women, girls, everyone including men want to have one person to themselves…If you wanna have me to yourself, it’s gonna take some sacrifices because people won’t just allow you to. They won’t allow you to have Kuami all for yourself. You’ll get a lot of hatred… people are gonna hurt you, they will come at you,” he averred.


Following the public denial and humiliation, Linda has also announced her breakup with the musician through a series of posts she shared on her social media pages not long ago.

In one of her now-deleted writeups, she cautioned those planning to send her lengthy birthday messages to later forward to the singer to stay away from her inbox and immediately quash such intentions.

In another post also, she revealed her regret for ever agreeing to go into an amorous relationship with the LYNX entertainment signee.

At the moment, Linda has blocked Kuami Eugene on all the social media platforms because it’s more evident that the musician doesn’t value their relationship and it’s only right she advises herself and allow him to enjoy his ‘single life’.

The ‘Angela’ hitmaker is not having it easy on social media at the moment as the ‘ungratefulness’ tag has been changed around his neck.