Ghanaians won’t endanger their lives in galamsey if the system is working – DopeNation


Hiplife group and identical twin brothers, DopeNation born Micheal and Tony Boafo have disclosed to Amansan Krakye that those who engage in ‘galamsey’ do so mainly for survival.

“For those people who are doing the galamsey, they are also doing it for food, clothing and shelter so we have to look at the in and out of everything,” they observed

Sharing their opinion about illegal mining otherwise known as galamsey on Kastle FM in Cape Coast, DopeNation said no Ghanaian will endanger their lives if the standard of living and life was comfortably okay.

They remarked “We can be here and sit comfortably under this air-condition and share our views about galamsey but those who are beneath the earth who feel the explosion and sometimes die from it is a different story.

“They’ll tell you their story and how they hustle and how they are trying to make ends meet,” they said on the Kastle Entertainment Show.

“If life was to be comfortable and the standard of living was to be okay for almost every Ghanaian I’m not sure you’d find anyone doing galamsey,” they concluded.