Michael Essien, jnr Agogo, Muntari, John Mensah, John Paintsil, Asamoah Gyan, and the list of Black Stars champions is endless. These football gurus really made the game fun and exciting and made us all anticipate upcoming matches. And now your favourite TV3 presenters are here to bring back fond memories.

Do you remember the ‘vuvuzelas’ that were blown at the stadium, or the honking of the taxi drivers when Ghana scores a goal or even the various songs composed for our champions?

I remember one song, “come on Black Stars Ghana”, it was always played during the periods Ghana had matches and the feeling was just phenomenal because our champions never disappointed us.

And the moment that seems to ‘freeze’ Ghanaians to the spot. The penalties. That is when you can hear a person’s heartbeat from afar because the tension that comes with penalties is not a joke. And when our champions finally score for us, Ghanaians just can’t keep calm. People shout on top of their voices, children run into the streets to celebrate the victory and if you find yourself in a community where there is immense love you are fortunate to get yourself some bread and coke just because the win of Black stars is a win for all Ghanaians.

Then you finish it off with the popular Asamoah Gyan dance “the Baby Jet” dance!. Tv3 really deserves a pat on the back and loads of appreciation for really going all out to remind us of who we truly are and to be proud of just that.