Good news as Ghanaian Man invents machine to help cocoa farmers


A young Ghanaian man has through his life struggles brought out an invention that will /might contribute greatly to the agriculture sector in the country.

Samuel Ebo Ghunney, who is a resident of Sankor a town in the Central Region has developed a cocoa pod-breaking machine.

According to Ebo, his main aim behind the invention of this machine he named ‘NOGHSAM’ is to relieve the heavy stress of cocoa farmers after their harvest.

He explained that he has seen the process by which cocoa farmers extract their beans after harvesting and thought of something helpful and meaningful to speed up the process.

Watch the video below:

Samuel Ebo Ghunney called on the government to support him so he can begin mass production of the machine which he says has been tried by some cocoa farmers and proven resourceful.