Guy fights girlfriend for sleeping around to acquire a new iPhone


A man has been captured angrily confronting his girlfriend after she purchased a brand-new iPhone XS Max and gold earrings.

The irate guy asked her where she acquired the money because he suspected she might have taken it from him or received it from another man.

He then assaulted her in front of his friends who were pleading with him to stop after the defended herself by claiming the items were bought from money that she has saved.

The video has since stirred reactions from netizens who have expressed outrage at the man’s action and believed the lady was too dependent.

Reacting to the video, Olamide wrote; “A man must have known you are jobless and heavily dependent on him for him to be thinking someone gave you a phone you bought yourself. If you always practice self sufficiency in togetherness, no one will ask you nonsense question whenever you get yourself a new stuff.”

Another user wrote; “I believe the guy has been paying most of her bills doing every little thing for her that’s why he’s so sure she can’t afford it……as a lady it’s good when you take from your guys ooo but sometimes just make sure you have something doing let your guy know you can afford some kind of things too… just to avoid something like this”

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