A new video has surfaced on social media that sees a young man shedding tears after he got a broken heart from his girlfriend identified as Nana Ama.

In the video, the young man who is yet-to-be-identified is heard saying that he had to drop out of school after Nana Ama claimed he had impregnated her.

Fast forward, she has now come back to tell him that the said baby is not his but rather for another man.

The young man couldn’t understand why Nana Ama would make his parents stop funding his education over the pregnancy only to tell him this news.

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He is heard saying: “Nana Ama, Nana Ama why should you do this to me. You told my parents that this baby is mine. My parents said they cannot take care of me and a baby so I should drop out of school so that the money is used to cater for you and the baby. After me dropping out of school you come today to tell me the baby is not mine. Eish Nana Ama what have you done to me?”

Watch the video below:

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