Without a doubt, Sarkodie has been one of the most respected Ghanaian Rappers in the history of Ghana due to how he is carrying Ghana on his shoulder and how he’s very consistent.

Sarkodie is known for his phenomenal ways of delivering his rap, and it seems almost all his songs or raps are somehow key points in it to make a topic or trend.

But it seems this time around, he has bitten more than he can chew.

In one of Sarkodie’s songs, he said, if not for that ‘If not for the fact that God has blessed, Patapaa is likely to perform at his Funeral when he died’

The line didn’t go well with the one corner hitmaker, and he’s been running from radio to radio replying Sarkodie with the least chance he gets.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay Fm’s Ekwansodwoodwoo, Patapaa said, Sarkodie had so many options to rap about, but because he don’t have sense, he chose to use his name for his silly raps.

He also said Sarkodie could have used his wife’s name and say, if not for the fact that God has blessed him, his wife could have been prostitution.

Watch full interview below;