The female suspect who was released from custody after a policeman named Lance Corporal Isaac had sex with her has spoken for the first time following the incident.

The suspect identified as Theresa Forson in an earlier publication by our outfit was freed from cells on Saturday (25th September 2021) around 2 am after opening her legs for the policeman.

Well, the lady has chronicled what ensued between herself and the policeman stationed at Nkanfoa Police Station in the Central Region the night she was released.

According to her, Lance Corporal Isaac came to her in the female cell and requested four hot rounds of sex before he allowed her to escape, which she consented to.

She made this disclosure to newsmen after she was rearrested when she ventured to buy cigarettes in town which she’ll later sell to make ends meet.

Upon interrogation following her rearrest, Theresa said she was purchasing packs of cigarettes in order to sell them and use the profits to care for her child.

Theresa Forson has since been transported back to the cells and will appear before the court again pending another trial.