Heartbroken lady in tears as she sends message to girl who snatched her boyfriend


A young Nigerian lady has sent a message to the girl who snatched her boyfriend while sobbing in tears.

In a fast-trending video that has gone rife on social media, the heartbroken lady can be seen shedding tears as she recounted the beautiful moments she shared with her ex-lover.


The heartbroken lady sent a message to the new girl her boyfriend dumped her for, begging that she should take care of him on her behalf.

She made it known that her boyfriend ended the relationship just to be with the new girl he fell in love with as revealed in the video.

She also asked a rhetorical question to God as to why such a devastating thing happened to her.

The words layered on the video read, “Please take good care of him for me, he left me because of you. God, why me?”

Watch the video below:



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