How A Man Hammered His Girlfriend To Death, Tied Her Body In Bag And Dumped It At Secluded Place


Per a report by, a South African man known as Khanile Ramba was arraigned in court for the murder of his girlfriend Sinathi Magqazana.

Magqazana, 23, was discovered dead on Saturday, September 11th, in Zwelihle, outside Hermanus, Western Cape.Sinathi’s boyfriend, according to her sister, had hit her with a hammer on the head until she died. He then left the house with her body in a black bag.

Magqazana’s body was discovered in a refuse bag, allegedly at the door of her boyfriend’s shack in Marikana.Mthelezi Mbovale, her father, told News24 that he was getting ready to leave for work on Saturday morning when two locals came to call him.

“They told me I had to go to Marikana. When I asked why what happened, they said my daughter had died “her father stated.

“When I arrived, I noticed her because her head was protruding from the door. She’d been placed in a plastic bag, and her head was black from the blood. She’d been thrashed with a hammer. I don’t recall much else that happened after that “He stated.

Zimbini Mqikela, Sinathi’s close friend, said the night before the murder, Sinathi’s boyfriend came to where they were hanging out and demanded she accompanies him.

“He had forced her to do it, and then he had beaten her. We attempted to fight him “She stated.

She had no idea where they had gone, but said the boyfriend returned in the early hours of the morning, clutching a hammer and crying. Mqikela explained that they had chased him away.

“The next morning, we heard about a woman who was found dead at the shack. We went there and found her body wrapped in black plastic. We were shocked because Sinathi was a very respectful person who treated others well. She kept to herself and went to church. She adored her pals. She did not deserve to die in this manner.”

Locals had since demolished the shack, according to Mqikela, because “that is what is done when someone does wrong to another person.”