Ghana big boy Ibrah One had predicted the supposed shooting and killing of Shatta Wale on Monday.

In a Snapchat update, Ibrah One had said Ghana would be thrown into a state of mourning after its biggest celebrity had been shot and killed.

This tie into the unconfirmed news of Shatta Wale sustaining gunshot wounds after an attack on his life.

Wild rumours spreading quickly on social media being keenly monitored by indicate that Shatta Wale has been shot and he’s receiving treatment at the intensive unit at an undisclosed hospital.

Before we even proceed further, be reminded that this is a mere rumour and at this point, we don’t actually have more facts on the ground to corroborate this. In the meantime, a lot of fans are apprehensive as a few people close to the SM boss have allegedly confirmed this.

Meanwhile, the Snapchat update Ibrah One shared hours before the supposed incident puts into perspective how the news about Shatta Wale being shot is true or otherwise.