There are no doubt that the founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Flt Lt. Jerry John Rawlings (late) was unhappy with the leadership of the party before his untimely demise.

Jerry John Rawlings was fighting for a total overhaul of the party he founded to enable it to win political power in the future.

Jerry John Rawlings had unhidden grudges with Professor Kwamena Ahwoi before his death. Professor Kwamena Ahwoi had published a book with the sole aim of telling the ‘hidden crimes’ committed by Jerry John Rawlings during his military days.

He went to the extent of revealing how Jerry John Rawlings was embarking on reckless executions. He narrated how they threatened Jerry John Rawlings to desist from the killings or they stop following him.

Apart from that, the book also revealed how Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings became jealous of her husband and did not want his close allies to come close to him.

Even before the publishing of this book, Jerry John Rawlings had predicted a defeat for the National Democratic Congress in the 2020 general election.

Jerry John Rawlings was with the strong conviction that the NDC was suffering from a leadership crisis and that some persons want to hijack the National Democratic Congress.

The big Prediction by Rawlings

Before his death, Jerry John Rawlings Publicly indicated that the destruction agenda released on him by some key leaders of the NDC has a purpose.

He revealed that the Ahwoi’s were destroying him to take over the NDC after the 2020 general election. He further added that the Ahwoi’s are only interested in pushing John Dramani Mahama and his running mate, Professor Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang from the Party after the 2020 elections.

He further predicted that some key leaders, including the Ahwoi’s will push John Dramani Mahama out of the party and field their own candidates because they are sure of winning the 2024 general election.

Jerry John Rawlings was also sure that the crisis in the NDC will worsen after the 2024 election due to power play.

He, however, added that until the current leadership is changed, the party will forever be in crisis.

But it seems the prediction of the late Jerry John Rawlings is gradually manifesting since the NDC currently seems to be in crisis.

Some political analysts in the country have indicated that what the NDC is currently going through is about leadership crisis.

NDC Members of Parliament are currently divided, whilst leadership is unhappy with the party’s grass root openly expressing their anger, some key individuals who played key leadership roles in the party including Allotey Jacobs, Stephen Atubiga, and Koku Anyidoho are being punished.

The executives of the party are currently contemplating changing the leadership of parliament. There are speculations that the various factions in the party are showcasing their prowess in preparation for who has the muscles to take over the party.

These factions include the Ahwoi’s, Ibn Chambas, and Goosie Tandoh.

It is now becoming clear that the late Jerry John Rawlings realized these and predicted the current happenings before his demise.