How Kyeiwaa and I were chased from the Tema Station market – Christiana Awuni reveals

When actresses Kyeiwaa and Christiana Awuni decided to sell their wares on the Tema Station pavement, they did not anticipate an embarrassing situation.

They had starred in the popular Sunday special Cantata at the time, but their pay was only fame with nothing to show for it.

This is why the couple decided to sell thrift store items to supplement their income, but their dream was dashed the day they tried.

Christiana Awuni, who revealed this in an interview with Adom TV’s The Journey, stated that they were chased out of the market by enraged traders.


“There was a day myself and Rose Mensah (Kyeiwaa) went to sell ‘for’ at Tema Station. The vendors laughed and hooted at us. It was dreadful. They chased us out, and we had to flee to avoid embarrassment”.

According to Christiana Awuni, the traders labeled her and Kyeiwaa as greedy individuals intent on driving them out of their small business.

The merchants were concerned that the actresses would use their celebrity to sway customers to their side while they went home empty-handed.

Christiana Awuni made the remarks while discussing the difficulties of being a popular on-screen personality.

She mentioned how many restrictions come with the job, citing the aforementioned incident as an example.