Husband ‘attacks’ wife who has freshly given birth for not cooking for his elder brother


I know someone who was in an almost similar situation, she just had a new baby and her husband’s aunty came around. The husband was partly raised by that aunty.

The wife prepared a meal for her and when the meal was ready, the baby was crying and needed to be attended to at the same time.

The wife told her sister-in-law who lived with them to please help serve their aunty while she tends to the baby.

The next thing which happen was that the husband walked up to the wife to dish her one very hot slap while holding/tending to their baby asking her why she didn’t come herself to serve his aunty.

The wife tried explaining but the husband just kept going off on her.

Apparently, the aunty and her son were the ones who went to complain angrily to the husband about his wife feeling too big to serve them. They said it was an insult to them.

A new video which has received mixed reactions from social media users captures the moment an infuriated husband attacked his wife for not preparing her elder brother’s favourite food for him.

In the video, the husband can be heard shouting at his wife for being lazy, because semo is a food he deems very easy to prepare.

Meanwhile, the lady had already given her hubby’s elder brother rice and soup but he refused to eat and insisted he wants semo.