Husband filmed flogging his wife in front of their kids

Domestic violence in any form should not be tolerated in marriages because it may one day result in death.

Women are typically the ones who suffer the most in abusive marriages or relationships.

We’ve all seen videos of husbands brutalizing their wives with belts, sticks, and even their own hands.

Some get arrested and endure the full weight of the law whiles others go scot-free.


A Nigerian man who has yet to be identified has sparked outrage online after being seen in a viral video flogging his wife in front of his children.

As she begged him to stop, the man continued to flog his wife with a belt.

Even when their kids tried to intervene by pushing him away from their mother, the man kept flogging her while also saying that she was “talking while he’s talking”.

He was also addressed as “Dayo” by the woman. There are now calls for him to face domestic violence charges.

Watch the video below to know more…