I’m Monica, 22 years of age. All my parents are Ghanaians but we stay in Nigeria. My boyfriend, Jackson is a pharmacist in Accra. Once in a while, I come and pay him a visit to Ghana. I informed him one day I will come to visit him. He agreed to it and I came. I arrived around 8 pm that day and he welcomed me so well. I usually spend 3-4 days with him before I go back to Nigeria. I had not seen him for about 6 months now so I was thinking my coming to him will be a memorable experience.

Something strange happened. During our conversation, he took my phone, scrolled, and saw a message from a number I have stored ‘MyFirstLove’. He read the message and began acting weird towards me. The message reads ‘i enjoyed being with you and will never forget the nights we shared together. He destroyed the phone and drove me out of his room. I tried very hard to calm him down and explain things to him but Jackson I know will never allow me to explain myself. He is very quick-tempered. I tried everything I could do but nothing successful came out of it. He sacked me from his room. I was without a phone and with no money on me. It was around 11 pm.

I was stranded in the town so the only thing I could do was to sit in front of a certain house. I sat there for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. I was tired and was feeling sleepy so I lie down on the floor and slept. I heard a voice of a man saying, “young lady, what are you doing here at this time?” I woke up, saw a man with a Bible and he told me he is a church elder. He has just closed from church crusade so I thought he is my savior. I explained everything to him and he promised to help me. He sent me to his hall. He later came back and made it known to me that he is ready to help me go back to Nigeria with the only condition that he will have sex with me. ‘I agree to do it. Yes! ‘I allowed him to taste my sweet apple since I had no option’. I went back to Nigeria without taking his contract.

I came back to Ghana carrying his child in my womb for about 5 months. He is refusing to accept his responsibility as a father for the reason that he has not set eyes on me since I left and that, it could be someone else’s child. I know the child is his because I haven’t seen any other man since I left his room from Ghana. He is already married with 4 kids and I don’t really know what to do. I need some advice on what to do.