Ghanaian comic actor Seth Kwabena Karikari popularly known as Koo Ofori in the Ghana movie industry has boldly opened up that he is only the first man to bring GMC Terrain car to Ghana before everyone was able to purchased some. Koo Ofori said this on United Television station on a program called “Atuu” which is hosted by Abeiku Santana who is a TV and radio ace journalist.

Koo Ofori added that he is the type he do not follow trends but do what the heart tells him to do. Even when it comes to his dressing no one chooses for him all he knows is what he will be happy when he wear it.

He then advised all the upcoming youths to be very careful about life because life is not a race it is by planning and also praying to God for Him to protect you and committing your everyday life into His hands. Every child is a blessing but it depends on the life you will libe before you can see that precious blessings in you. Koo Ofori added.