I am Monique Brahene. I have 7 siblings from the same father and mother. I sell women’s clothing for a living in Accra. I’ve been into this business for about a year now and I actually quit for a while because I give out the clothes to my customer with the intention of them paying back but they don’t so I run at a loss. I have loved to always involve myself in fashion designing so I have decided to start with selling clothing.

I have faced a lot of problems since I came from my hometown to Accra in 2012 and the guys really took advantage of me as most of them deceived me and promised to take care of me. Even though these guys didn’t fulfill their promises, I’d still love to hang out with men than with my fellow women because men can provide for you wholeheartedly.

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Since I came to Accra, I lived with my boyfriend for four good years but I broke up with him just months ago. He wasn’t supportive and didn’t have any good intentions about me because I didn’t have anywhere to live. I discussed with him my interest in hairdressing and he ignored me and also threw my things out on many occasions. My current boyfriend is the one who has helped and motivated me into selling clothes and it has really help me.

Although the Accra boys have used me a lot, I don’t really regret it because I was in need of something he could provide.

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