I can bring Christian Atsu back to life – GH pastor claims

During an interview on OMAN’s YouTube channel, a Ghanaian pastor seeking fame and attention boasted that he can bring the late Christian Atsu back to life.

According to this’so-called’ end-of-the-world prophet, who claims to be the most powerful person in Ghana right now, Christian Atsu is still alive in the spiritual realms and can resurrect his physical body.

Speaking in the interview, the man of God claimed that God had given him the power to bring dead people back to life, so resurrecting Christina Atsu wouldn’t be too difficult for him and he could complete the miracle in the blink of an eye.

Christian Atsu

Explaining how to resurrect Christian Atsu, he gave the Twasam family three conditions to follow if they really want to see their beloved back to life once again.

First and foremost, the family must acknowledge him as a powerful man of God; second, they must set aside one special room in their family home and keep Atsu’s body within it.

Third, they should invite him to the tier family house and lock him and Atsu’s mortal remains inside the special room for a few hours, after which Atsu will become a living being once more.

Ghanaians who have heard the prophet’s boastful speeches have described him as a mentally ill man.

Because no man, no matter how powerful, can bring the dead back to life.

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