I can have sex for the whole day and not get tired – Shugatiti reveals

Shugatiti, a Ghanaian socialite and nudist, has boasted that she can have sex all day and lay on the bed for two hours straight collecting ‘ta ta ta ta’.

She has a high libido, according to the CEO of Pots Of Shuga, and as such, she enjoys having sex for long hours with men who can match her energy.

Shugatiti boasts that she’s a commando in bed because, despite having sex with countless men, none of them have been able to completely satisfy her.

No amount of sexual pleasure from hours of strokes, according to the sex enthusiast, would send her to the pinnacle of climax.

During the interview, she also revealed that she enjoys using sex toys to entertain herself most of the time.

She stated that she will continue to explore herself, have more fun in bed, and allow men to make out with her.

She also boasted about her bedroom prowess and her impressive energy levels, which always left the men wanting more of her.

“You can’t satisfy me because I’ve never had a cum and don’t have orgasms.” When I asked my doctor about it, he said it was normal because not all women have orgasms.

“Because I don’t experience climax, trying to make me feel good is out; you just have to match our level of activity till we tire.

“I enjoy having sex; I enjoy becoming drenched; I love the penetration and the way things go in and out. I also prefer working long hours, like all day. I don’t experience fatigue. The reality is, everyone I’ve had sexual relations failed to match my enthusiasm, she told ZionFelix in an interview.