I can’t keep these details till tomorrow. We need action now. They are aware and I don’t know why they are silent on it” Vim Lady boldly spoke on her show.

Vim Lady Afia Pokuaa explained that she can’t keep the details about the report she filed from the Bosomtwe Constituency of the Ashanti Region and that She is fully aware that these two NPP Gurus namely Honorable Adu Twum the current minister of Education and the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the NPP Antwi Boasiako knows about the details. This is because that’s where they all hail from. Wontumi was even an executive there before going to the regional level.

According to her, it’s no news to these personalities that the road Network in Bosomtwe is getting poorer and poorer even under New Patriotic Party NPP administration.

Vim Lady Afia Pokuaa is a Media Mogul. People tag her as the active woman on the radio. This is how she gets things down by boldly Criticising accurately to get the best for the citizenry.