A young man lost control of himself and was seen shouting wildly after he had a hangover from excessive smoking the previous day.

From the gossip we gathered referencing this report, the man reportedly inhaled synthetic weed, a strong street drug popularly known as ‘Colorado’ or ‘Black Mamba’ after which he was caught on camera shouting, ‘I cover myself with the blood of Jesus.’

Colorado is a new cocktail of psychotropic drugs currently trending among Nigeria’s young revelers, especially teens and adolescents.

It’s is one of the strains of banned substances that drug addicts and unsuspecting new entrants experiment with in Lagos, which the United Nations 2018 drug use statistics says has a high prevalent use of psychotropic substances.

The UN report says Lagos, Gombe and Oyo states have between 21 and 33 percent drug abuse prevalence, compared to the rest of the country. Among other things, the UN survey also pegged the average daily expenditure on cannabis at $1.15, equivalent to N417.45 per user.

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