The Leader and founder of the Alabaster Ministry International, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has made a mind-blowing revelation about how a young man who used to be a member of his church is now swimming in riches after sacrificing his child for money ritual.

The Man of God made the revelation during church service on Sunday, April 11, 2021, at the auditorium of his church.

According to him, the young man whose name was not revealed used to be a member of his church and had nothing.

He narrates that a 2year old child of the young man fell sick suddenly and was diagnosed with cervical cancer. According to Prophet Kofi Oduro, the child was admitted to the hospital and the church spent a lot of money to cover all medical expenses.

He adds that the child eventually died in an unbelievable circumstance. He says nobody believed a two-year-old child could be diagnosed with cancer.

“A young man came to this church and had nothing. The church even gives him transportation sometimes. Today go and see his mansion at East Legon. He used his two-year-old child for a money ritual. I’m telling you this on authority. I know him myself. We supported him to cater for his sick child at the hospital not knowing it was part of the money ritual process. The child was diagnosed with cancer, which is practically impossible. The two-year-old child was bleeding from the nose and mouth. She suffered and died. You could see the child was being killed. Now go and see the mansion this guy has put up”. He noted.

Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro advises that the generation of today must be coached on how to make genuine life. According to him, most of the youth of today have no remorse and are ready to do everything for money. His narration comes a few days after some teenagers were arrested at Kasoa for killing another ten-year boy for money rituals.

“The generation we have today has to sympathy. They have no remorse and empathy for the life of others. They are ready to go every mile to make money. Something must be done about it. Television licenses must not be sold to people who doubles money. The National Media Commission and the Information Ministry must sit up before matters get out of hand in this country”. Prophet Kofi Oduro advised.