I need a man to marry – Akua Donkor appeals to single men


Famed Ghanaian female politician and aspiring first female president Madam Akua Donkor has publicly revealed that she is in desperate need of a husband to take the place of her late husband.

As confessed by Madam Akua Donkor during an interview with Kofi TV which was aired on 1st March 2023, it has been tough staying without a man for the past 24 months now but she foresees an even more difficult period when active political campaigning starts in 2024.

According to Madam Akua Donkor, since she has her own money, the man shouldn’t worry about raising funds for their wedding because she will take up all the cost.

Talking about the death of her husband and why she needs to get married as soon as possible; Madam Akua Donkor said;

“I haven’t re-married since my husband died. It’s been two years and my ring is no longer on my finger. I need to get married again because I need a partner as a female politician,”

Speaking in Twi, she said she needs a man to be Ghana’s maiden First Gentleman, suggesting that she will win the national presidential polls on the ticket of the party she founded, the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP).

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