There is this guy who lives around my apartment. Tall and dark with six-packs. He is a very handsome guy and he commands a lot of respect from the neighborhood. I admire him a lot and I was thinking I will one day have an encounter with him.

He jogs past my house every morning and that was the avenue I told myself I could use to make friends with him. One Saturday morning, I decided to trot a little knowing very well that I will have an encounter with him.

Your guess is as good as mine. Immediately I began jogging, I saw him approaching. I told myself, ‘today must be my day’. He jogged past me without even saying, ‘Hi’. Well, I was disturbed throughout the day.

I met him at a bank one Thursday afternoon and he was the manager of this bank. I was there to open an account which he sent one of the workers to call me into his office. He helped me that day and we exchanged our contacts.

He called me in the evening of the same day and asked whether he can pay me a visit. I couldn’t resist his request.

I was in my room and heard a knock on my door and it was him. ‘I opened the door wide for him to enter into my room since I couldn’t control the joyful feelings for him to visit me.

In the room, he tried to have sex with me after he had proposed to me. Even though I accepted his proposal, I did not allow him.

I thought it was the wisest thing to do for not giving in so cheap for him but he has now refused to call or pick my calls.

I love him and I don’t know what to do now. I need your advice.