I’m 24 years old lady and for about 3 years now, I have been single because of what my former boyfriend did to me. He cheated on me and I caught him on the act doing it with one of my best friends.

I vowed not to enter into any relationship again since my heart was broken but I could not obey my vows. I fell in love with this bodybuilder who stays close to my house. He was a nice-looking gentleman.

He invited me into his house one Saturday evening. It was his birthday and there was a party celebration to it. I was a special guest at the program. On the arrival, he proposed to me in front of his friends and I accepted without even thinking about it because I love him so much.

At the end of the program, it was too late for me to go back home so ‘I slept with him the first time I visited him’ but nothing happened. He did not even come close to me on that day since he knows my principle in life; No sex before marriage. From that day, my respect for him went high. I said to myself that he is the right guy for me.

Now, we are happily married with three kids; a boy and two girls. The secret about him is he respects my feelings from the first day we met till now and I do the same to him.