I want to get Medikal arrested – King Promise look-alike

Robest GH, the look-alike of singer King Promise from Ghana, has drawn attention on social media with a humorous video in which he criticizes rapper Medikal and claims that if he had money, he would have had the rapper arrested.

The ‘Omo Ada’ rapper has previously berated the viral lookalikes for copying the likenesses of superstars and claimed that the media was giving them too much attention.

Medikal’s remarks at Robest particularly offended him. Many Ghanaians were in stitches after his heated tirade.

Social media users have praised Robert for his wit and humor as a result of the video’s global exposure.

Some have even said that because of his endearing demeanor and striking resemblance to King Promise, he should become a superstar in his own right.

Watch the video below: