I was 18 years old at that time. A secondary school graduate who has just completed. My father, a pastor was very strict on me. I hardly go out to buy anything on my own let alone visit my friends. Maybe, because I was his only girl child, he was trying to protect me from these bad guys. My mother, Auntie Esi as I call her, doesn’t really have time for me since she was a trader at the central market in Kumasi and she was much concerned about her business. I was closer to my father more than to my mother. We were four children; three boys and a girl. I was the youngest.

I got admission into one of the universities in Ghana to study nursing. I was free then from my father’s orders. I began making friends. I will say I wasn’t lucky since my other two roommates were already spoiled. They always talk about sex. Automatically, we became friends. I had heard so much about sex, I was curious and didn’t know much about it. So I started asking them so many questions about sex. They told me everything friends like these ones will say to their new innocent mate. They told me how sweet it is and then I planned to taste it one day.

Michael was a friend to my roommates. He used to visit them often. I never knew I was the reason he always comes to our room for a visit until my friends informed me. He showed interest in me and I accepted his proposal. Micheal was a very handsome man and he always cares for me. I visited him one day at his hostel. Knowing ‘how innocent I was, he pounced on me and we did it the first time.’ I must confess it was an excellent experience I had with him that first day and since then I have become addicted to it.

The saddest thing is that Micheal is no more alive but I can’t stop doing this act with other guys. I’m addicted, can’t stop it neither can I control myself. I know my father is hash, strict and very judgemental. I also don’t have any bond with my mother. They see me to be a very good person. I’m afraid to tell them my situation. I need advice on what to do.