US-based Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has revealed that he’s not renouncing his sexuality as a gay man anytime soon.

Bisi Alimi declares

According to the 46-year-old he was born gay and he’s going to die as a proud gay. Bisi averred that he had always been homosexual until religion was forced on him.

Bisi Alimi declares
Speaking further, he stated that he was taught religion and can unlearn religion. But as for his sexual orientation, he was born gay, and even in death, he will be gay.

In his words,

“I was born gay, until religion was forced on me. I was taught religion, so I can unlearn religion. But I was born gay and even in death, I will be gay!”.

See his post below,

Recall that , Bisi Alimi recently revealed that he used to be a pastor who disliked gay people.

He wrote, “Will you believe if I tell you I used to be a very homophobic pastor back in the day. So I have been on that journey.”

When asked by a Twitter user why he changed, he explained that a suicide attempt at age 17, helped him to begin a journey of self love and made him decide to accept who he really is.

In his words, “Thanks to the people that never gave up on me and walked the journey with me. However, it was a failed suicide attempt at 17 that started my journey to self-love.”