I will spoil you when I get money – Moesha Bodoung tells Ayisha Modi after getting well

Moesha Bodoung has been heard speaking for the first time in a long while after plunging into mental crisis and contemplating suicide.

In a new audio that has surface online, the actress cum socialite seemed to be in a very good shape than earlier reported.

The former Slay Queen – now a born again Christeian – is heard telling Ayisha Modi that she craves for things like sausage, chicken and goat meat on daily basis.

Moesha jokingly pleaded with Ayisha Modi, who is said to have financed her welfare, to continue pampering her and that she will return the favour when she gets back on her feet again.

She further indicated that her body was now the temple of God and that she was going to focus on evangelism when she’s completely fit.

Moesha also entreated Ayisha Modi to exercise patience when dealing with people who attack her because quick temper and anger were destructive.

In a tongue-in-cheek statement, she added that she was going to ‘tie’ Ayisha Modi’s haters in a bottle so they stop disturbing her.

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