The American-born-Ghanaian-based singer who never shies away from flaunting her beauty and magnificent smile tormented the men on the gram. In the photo she shared, she was spotted in a brown outfit that revealed her queen size curves, thighs, long legs and a bit of her cleavage.

Unlike the others, Fantana is one female celebrity whose fashion sense is always on point. She slays perfectly in every outfit she wears. The photo must have sent some chills down the spine of the man thus why he reacted to it without delay.

Reacting to the photo, he said he would wish for Fantana to be his girlfriend

“Wish she was my girl,” he wrote.

See image below:

In other news, Fantana is aspiring to be a politician in a few year’s time. Speaking at an interview with Zion Felix, she made it known that she has an interest in that department and wishes to lead her people in parliament someday. Her mother is currently a member of parliament for Jomoro in the Western Region of Ghana.