“I wouldn’t have looked down on you If I knew you would become this great” – Gyakie’s JHS classmate says, shares throwback memory

Gyakie’s rise as a musician has given one of his Junior High School (JHS) classmates the opportunity to reminisce about the good old days when he never thought she was destined for great things.

According to Keka Wadwene tweeting with the username @sheba_charless, he never had any belief that Gyakie will rise to become one of the finest musicians in Ghana during their humble days at basic school.

Sharing a very interesting memory, Charles said he used to reject Gyakie and fought the boys who tried to establish a romantic connection between the two. His rejection stemmed from the fact that he never saw Gyakie becoming great.

In a tweet, Charles said he wouldn’t have looked down on or rejected Gyakie during their basic school days if he knew she would become this great. He advised all not to look down on people based on their current status since everything under the sun is subject to change.

Charles made a passionate appeal to Gyakie to come back to him since he has seen the change and believes he did not make the right decisions back then.

He wrote the following with an accompanying photo:

I was on the same desk with Jackie when we dey JHS, was always beating the guys who were teasing me by her name and I want to tell Jackie today that it was the work of the devil. I was young and didn’t know what I was doing

Please come back to me

Moral lesson never look down on people

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