There has been so much debate after the appointment of Asiedu Nketia as a member of the Parliamentary Service Board. There has been mixed reactions to this after members of the New Patriotic Party kicked against the board. They have argued that this move will politicize Parliament.

Today, Tuesday, March 30, 2021 ‘GHToday’, MP for Ejisu, John Kuma argued that the appointment is a wrong move that will make Parliament partisan and politicized. He wondered why no one was appointed but the General Secretary of the NDC. However, Mahama Ayariga, MP for Bawku Central countered this and asserted that Parliament business is already politicized.

“Parliament is a deeply political and partisan meeting. NPP has 137 and the NDC Has 137. The filing fees of the members were paid for by their parties. There is nothing more partisan than that. They are there to serve the party. There is the whip system which is to suggests that at one point your party will have a position and no matter your position, you must vote according to your party position.

This is a known fact in UK and US and every advanced country that at a certain point you lose your opportunity to vote according to your conscience and must follow the position of your party. If this is not true you can tell me and if you don’t know go and do your research. Anybody who understands Parliamentary democracy knows this. Parliament is a politicized and partisan body” Ayariga said.

What does Asiedu Nketia bring to the Board? Is the appointment a plan of the NDC to hijack Parliament? What should Ghanaians expect in the coming days?