If your wives beat or verbally abuse you, don’t be shy to cry out – DOVVSU Boss advises Men


Men have been advised to also cry when their wives beat or verbally abuse them as it is always done by the women

This is the position of the Northern Regional Coordinator of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Mr Emmanuel Cudjoe Holortu.

“We encourage that men also report. So if the public see men reporting, it is not necessary (to conclude) that women are beating them. Domestic violence is not always about beating. That is what is keeping a lot of men away from reporting. We will encourage men to also report. We must use the force of law, either than the force of man. If we allow people to use the force of man, then we are going to have people killed”, the DOVVSU boss advised in an interview.

Adding that “Domestic Violence affects everybody. So men should also report. But the problem is that they don’t report much because of the male ego. People don’t want to be seen as weakling. And that is what society has thought us. You are socialized to that you are the man. If there are difficult situations and don’t weep because you are the man. But men also have tear bugs. So if you feel like weeping, it is necessary that you weep. If don’t weep you are creating a problem for your psyche”.

Educating the public on the fact that Domestic Abuse is not just about being physical he said “When we talk of domestic abuse people think it is physical abuse. It is not always physical assault that make domestic violence. Like I said about the economic abuse. So if your husband goes to town, and then maybe you find her in the company of another lady and then you go and cause damage to his vehicle.

That is domestic violence. The man can report, so that the woman will be dealt with. The fact that you have seen your man with another lady doesn’t mean you should go and damage his car. You don’t lock your man in the room, suspecting that he is going to meet somebody (another lady), whom you don’t want him to meet. if you do that, we call it assault by imprisonment. And if the man is not careful, he is going to come out trying to show that he is the man, and if you are not lucky, you die. Then man will be called a murderer”, he concluded.