I’m Ella, 23 years of age. My sister, Mini, and I are from Nigeria but we live in Ghana. Mr. Alexander is a Ghanaian and he is my sister’s husband. I’m also carrying his child. Mr. Alexander is a lecturer in one of the private universities in Ghana. They live on campus. My sister is a businesswoman who trades outside Ghana. She is into buying and selling clothes. She doesn’t get time for her husband due to the nature of her work.

I got admitted to this university with the help of my sister’s husband. They already have accommodation so there was no need for me to rent a hostel. We were staying together in the same apartment. My coming to the university I will say was one way or the other, my sister’s ideas since she wanted me to manage the house when she is not around.

I almost do everything in the house even if my sister is around. I wash their clothes, cook, clean, and even lay in their bed sometimes. Mr. Alex likes me so much for my excellent work at home. He began buying clothes for me; sexy ones and told me to wear them for him. He normally gives me money and sometimes attends meetings with him. We did all these in the absence of my sister.

He came to my room one night when my sister has traveled and we did what we were not supposed to have done. We had sex. ‘I’m his pet now and he uses me anytime my sister is not around.

They are in the second year of their marriage without a child and he told me they can’t have a child due to my sister’s medical condition. I’m now pregnant for him so he has promised me he will send me abroad. I’m now his number lover but my sister is not aware.

The truth of the issue is that my sister and I are not biological sisters. I’m an adopted daughter to our parents.

I know I made a mistake by allowing him to sleep with me but I really don’t know what to do next. I need some advice.