My name is Cathrine Wonkyima. I was born in Ghana but raised in South Africa. I am currently 27 years and will be 28 in June. I started my basic school education before leaving to stay with my parents in SA at the age of ten. I am a Managing director in one of my parent’s companies in SA. 

Now my parents are getting older and me being their only daughter they keep asking me to get married before they will pass away. My parents are rich with a lot of companies in South Africa. Because of their advice, I have decided to get married under this condition. I am back in Ghana and ready to marry any man who can comply with my conditions.

I am a very busy person and because of that, I have set conditions for any man who is ready to marry me.

1. I need a man who knows how to cook and do house chores.

2. I need a man who can take care of the children when we give birth and you will not do any job in addiction.

3. I need a man who can satisfy me well in bed.

4. I want a man who will care for me, love me for the rest of my life o this earth.

5. I don’t like a drunkard, autocratic, and a man who beats women.

6. I need a man who has a little educational background at least SHS is okay.

Please I am very serious about this and if you are single and interested kindly drop your comment in the comment section and also share it with your friends and loved ones.