Inspector Ahmed confesses to shooting Maa Adwoa 6 times to death (Video)


Inspector Ahmed confessed to shooting Maa Adwoa to death during his first trial at Asokore Mampong Circuit Court just a few hours ago.

As confessed by Inspector Ahmed, it’s true that he shot Maa Adwoa to death last Thursday.


Explaining what actually happened, Inspector Ahmed confessed that before shooting Maa Adwoa to death, he first kissed and hugged her before shooting her 6 times to death.

He additionally claimed that one of his female friends named Eunice was present at the scene where he committed the murder because he begged her to accompany him to visit Eunice’s house to have a conversation with the deceased

Without hesitation, Inspector Ahmed admitted to all the charges that have been leveled against him – notably the homicide charge.

Sadly Inspector Twumasi’s wife and his family refused to attend the court hearing – It’s quite clear they have totally deserted and left him to face and suffer his own fate.

He will appear before the court once again on the 20th of May 2023. Since he has no lawyer and has admitted to committing the crimes, his judgment will be swift and fast.