Angel TV court reporter has finally confirmed the exact information given to the Police by the two young alleged Sakawa Murderers.

This morning, the court sat on the case involving two young boys who killed their friend for the purpose of blood money rituals Popularly known as Sakawa.

Reading their charge sheet, the boys had confessed to the Police that, it wasn’t their intentional to kill the 10yrs old boy. However, they wanted to kidnap him and sell him for five thousand Ghana Cedis or request a ransom of the same amount from his mother.

It was explained that the Mallam who lured them to commit the act had initially told them to get an amount of five thousand Ghana Cedis. That would be used for money doubling.

Another condition is to get him ( The Mallam) human being parts. Thus a tongue and ears for the same purpose.

The boys then decided to kidnap their friend. They decided to call the victim’s mother to bring five thousand Ghana Cedis. That money would have been given to the Mallam. When they realized that, they could be arrested, they took the second option by killing the boy and cutting his ears for the rituals.

The Court is still investigating the case as they have been remanded.