It’s irresponsible to keep decent cut while your son grows dreadlocks – Sarkodie told

After sharing a video of his son growing what appeared to be dreadlocks, Sarkodie received backlash from social media users.

Many have questioned Sarkodie’s decision to supervise his son’s hair growth while maintaining a decent cut.

A video posted by the rapper to commemorate his son’s third birthday has sparked debate online.


Several comments suggest that Sarkodie should model his son’s gentlemanly demeanor and never allow him to grow dreadlocks at such a young age.

Allowing your son to grow such a hairstyle, according to some, is not a sign of wokeness, but rather of irresponsible parenting.

Sarkodie’s son’s haircut has been judged and criticized, and he has been advised to cut it short in order to maintain his decent brand.

Sarkodie has a decent hairstyle, but he allows his son to grow and maintain such a shabby ‘Shatta Wale-like’ hairstyle; this is irresponsible parenting. @sarkodie, please cut your son’s hairstyle. It says less about your parenting abilities.

Watch the video below…