Jennifer’s real boyfriend pops up after she got a date on Date Rush (Photos)


On 23rd May 2021 on TV3 Date Rush, one of the ladies who appeared on the show a lady called Jennifer. Ahe was very lucky on the show and walked away with a date; Desmond.

But barely 8 hours after the show, it’s been revealed that it was only fame grabbing venture for Jennifer and she was not serious about a date as she wanted us to believe.

In fact, it’s been revealed Jennifer actually has a serious boyfriend who goes by the name Black Boy and he was in on Jennfier going on the show to look for a boyfriend all just for clout.

Black Boy in a chat with his friend revealed everything Jennifer said on the show was false. She has been chasing fame for a long time including appearing in several beauty pageants.

She saw Date Rush as an avenue to make a name and jumped on it so all his friends and her friends shouldn’t take her seriously. Well, we don’t know what Desmond feels about that.

Read the chats below

See Photos of the real boyfriend below