KiDi’s ‘Touch it’ and other explicit Song shouldn’t be Played on Air – Pure Akan


Ghanaian Authentic Akan Rapper and Songwriter, Pure Akan has said on live radio that, Kidi’s ‘Touch it, send me Nude’ and other explicit songs shouldn’t be played on-air at certain hours of the day.

The rapper, who was speaking to Abeiku Santana on Okay FM’s ‘Ekwanso Dwoodwo’ on Monday said that, explicit songs like KiDi’s Touch, send me Nude,Wutah Bronya and other explicit songs should be played at Primetime, because kids do listen to it.

According to the Rapper who is known for his phenomenal delivery of the Akan Rap, he said some of the songs contains sensitive songs and for that matter, it should be played during the day, yet it should be played around, 8 PM where most kids are asleep.

He also shares a lighter note on alcoholic commercials and other products that are being aired at certain hours of the day because it carries a message for adults and henceforth, it’s not good for kids.

Pure Akan is currently promoting his 2021 album, Nyame Mma.

The 16-track album features two of Ghana’s most talented artists King Ayisoba and Ayisi.

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Sharing the experience he goes through having such hare, Pure Akan also shares his sad experience on how a Mobile money Vendor refused to cash out money for him because of his Deadlocks and Policemen removing his shoe to search for marijuana because of his hair.

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