King Nasir solicit funds to broadcast ‘atopa’ match with Shugatiti live

King Nasir, an American pornstar, appears to be enjoying the attention generated by his interest in making Ghanaian nudist Shugatiti experience orgasm.

The American took to social media a few hours ago to state emphatically that he could make Shugatiti experience orgasm after she revealed in an interview that she has never experienced orgasm despite sleeping with several men.

This turned into a banter between themselves on social media with each of them daring the other for a sex bout to prove who is the ‘master’.

In a recent development, King Nasir has requested funds from netizens and others who want to see this become a reality.

According to him, he wants the entire encounter to be televised live, so he is urging everyone who wants to watch himself and Shugatiti settle their case to donate and support.

“For the fans who want to see this match happen!” he wrote. You can help by clicking here.
This will assist us in obtaining funding for broadcasting/live PPV, set design, staff, and so on.”

See the screenshot of his post below:

Another post of King Nasir asking netizens to cast their vote on who would win the match should it happen has garnered over 46k votes with King Nasir leading with 74.1%.