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Koko seller with inviting backside excite men on social media, Watch

A koko (porridge) vendor has excited men on social media with her inviting backside.
The unnamed lady was spotted busily going about her morning routines and oblivious that some pervert was filming her backside from a distance.

Her protruding backside was held firmly in its position by the long skirt she wore as she served a customer.

The video has gained much prominence for obvious reasons since it was shared online.

Watch the video below;

In other news, a man who thought he has struck a fair bargain with a commercial sex worker and took her home to get busy under the sheet with her was in for the shock of his life when he realized the lady is actually a male.

The unidentified man quickly filmed the encounter and uploaded it on social media to warn other men to be careful about the ashawo girls they patronize because some guys have infiltrated their service.

After the man raised alarm and drew a handful of eyewitnesses, the impersonator who wore a wig and dressed as a woman confessed that he was merely hustling to stay afloat in the present declining standard of living in Nigeria.

He admitted he charged his client N8,000 which is equivalent to ₵120.00. He then begged for forgiveness promising never to engage in such an act of deceit ever again.

Watch the video below;

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