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Krobo Odumasi: Instant Justice Has Been Carried On A Suspected Thief By A Mob

Mob actions against suspected criminals in our society is uncalled for but yet seem the right way for some people because they see the country’s justice system to be very weak and slow.

The people of Agormanya didn’t take it easy on a Nigerian man who decided to steal a motor from an “okada” after he bordered it and alighted at his destination.

According to the reports we are getting, the suspected thief who happens to be a Nigerian boarded a motor from Krobo Odumasi to Agormanya in the Eastern region and directed the okada driver into a bush claiming it was his location. He removed a pepper spray from his bag and showed it in the driver’s eyes which left him unable to see for sometime whilst the suspect attempted to steal the motor away.

Unknowingly for the robber, the motor had a problem with its speed, it moved very slow. Few witnesses around started pursuing the robber after the okada man started screaming “thief, thief” loudly.

The robber who is a Nigerian was chased by several people of the town until finally he was grabbed in a near school park. He was smashed with concrete blocks and stones for several minutes before finally he was set ablaze with petrol and a lighter.

Speaking with some people on why they carried out such an inhuman act, they claimed these things (okada and car hijacking) has been very rampant in the community lately and the robbers most times even murders their victims in the process, yet the police are not doing enough to help bring the perpetrators to book, hence they will do this to serve as a warning to anyone who wants to use force to take anything that’s not his/hers.

Similar incidence was said to had happened last week where the victim of the motor bike was severely injured and left unattended for hours after the robbers took away his motor. That victim never made it out alive.

This has made the community very furious and willing to end the life of any thief and even scammers they get hold of. The okada driver was sent to the community’s hospital for medical care.

Do you think their action is right?

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