Kuami Eugene issues stern warning to lookalike

Lynx Entertainment Signee and VGMA award winner Kuami Eugene has joined in and added his two cents on the issue of some guys parading themselves as look-alikes and mimicking some celebrities in Ghana.

Kuami Eugene in an interview on MX24 TV said he’s a brand and a business entity so his lookalike should stop performing his songs on stage until it ends badly for him (the lookalike).

“In those days people used to dress and act like the superstars they admire but I never saw one of them going on stage to go and perform his songs.

That’s like maximum disrespect so it’s another story when you love the person and want to rep the person on social media but when it gets to a level when it’s becoming too much,

“You see what’s going on and you’re enjoying it, that’s why I said people are just selfish because he’s enjoying that fame and that attention at this particular time nothing is stopping him.

“Until the whole thing ends badly and then they’ll regret it because I’m a brand and a whole business and I’ll just say trust me it looks good but if you’re enjoying it won’t last,” Kuami Eugene stated.