Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend exposes him for saying he’s single

Kuami Eugene’s known girlfriend named Linda Van Velhert has taken to the internet to expose him big time for telling the whole world that he’s single during his most recent interview with Sika Osei.

During the interview, Kuami Eugene emphatically stated that he’s currently single and doesn’t have any serious lover at the moment.

In his own words;

“I am not dating… Right now, I know dating me will be very difficult. You should have tough skin to date me.”

Currently, women, girls, everyone including men want to have one person to themselves…If you wanna have me to yourself, it’s gonna take some sacrifices because people won’t just allow you to. They won’t allow you to have Kuami all for yourself. You’ll get a lot of hatred… people are gonna hurt you, they will come at you,” he averred.

Reacting to the rockstar’s public disassociation from her, pained Linda has issued a stern warning to all the fans of the singer who brings her gifts to deliver to Kuami Eugene because she isn’t a delivery girl and they are longer together as lovers

She also warned those who intended to send her lengthy birthday messages to forward them to the singer.

In another post, she expressed regret for ever agreeing to be in a romantic relationship with the LYNX entertainment signee.

To learn more, watch the video below…