Kumawood actors who like Lilwin are not up to 2 because of his evil deeds – Big Akwes

Brutally honest Kumawood actor, Big Akwes has made it emphatic that the heart of Kwadwo Nkansah alias Lilwin is filled with evil works.

This according to Big Akwes is the reason why Lilwin has no loved one in the Kumawood fraternity. To Big Akwes, Kumawood actors who genuinely like Lilwin are not up to 2.

He furthered that Lilwin has the evil power to kill the shine of up-and-coming actors provided you allow yourself to appear on his production.

“He will lure you with big money and you will go and do the movie. The moment you do that, you fall heavily with a big bang and that is the end of you,” Big Akwes said in the Akan language.

Don’t forget that this is not the first time LIlwin’s character has come under critical scrutiny. Several times actor Kwaku Manu has accused LIlwin of using black powers to cause harm to his colleagues.


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